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James on 'Why I'm voting Labour'


James is a musician living in the Ludlow Constituency. He outlines why he is voting for Julia Buckley for Ludlow Member of Parliament in this General Election. 

The Labour Party is committed to ending cuts to local authorities to support libraries, galleries and museums. Britain’s creative industries are the envy of the world, a source of national pride, a driver of inward investment and tourism, and a symbol of the kind of country we are now and aspire to be in the future.

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commented 2017-06-05 10:10:58 +0100
Jean thanks for the reply about the libraries. I was already aware the reason the libraries in a number of the areas have all started opening only at certain times. I also seem to recall that Ludlow library nearly ended up closing, and would have done had it not been for the support from Jo Brand, I was also quite saddened to hear that the first ever public library in the UK could actually close it’s doors, in my hometown of Warrington – I had been in there so many times but never actually realised until I saw the news about the first ever public library maybe closing and it was Warrington. Clearly the Conservatives don’t want the lower classes to be able to learn, many of them have their own private libraries, which in all honesty this seems like something that came from the 1800’s were only the well off were allowed to learn – the idea being that the poor people weren’t educated and were told that everything is ok and just keep going – that was until the anti-fascists uprising in the 1930’s, this certainly has been true of Universities – I was actually lucky that I went to University and got a HND in Software Engineering just before tuition fees started – I did actually want to go back and get a degree but then tuition fees started and I thought I’m going to end up way too much in debt, and so instead ended up founding my own computer repair business.

This is also the reason why even though I don’t normally join a political party, I have indeed joined Labour and am hoping that this time we do get a decent leader in. I know the Conservatives won’t let go of that age old “joke note” about there not being any money in the kitty that was left at the end of the last Labour government, despite that joke is something which has been going on from government to government and is just one of those friendly jokes you make, not to be taken seriously – do people really think that if this country really had no money at the end of the Labour government the next government would have actually been able to turn it around by cutting business taxes and playing referendum roulette (maybe they had one of those magic money trees to help?), and besides the Conservatives are basing what Labour would do now on a leader that was around 10 years ago, it’s like believing that Theresa May is the same as Thatcher and not for turning, when in actual fact we’ve seen her u-turn more times in a few weeks than Thatcher ever did – and with that record I dread to think what she’ll be like when faced with 26 countries all annoyed at her and her party for what they have done to both the EU and the UK.
commented 2017-06-04 16:20:04 +0100
Darren, the reason that Ludlow and surrounding libraries have restricted opening hours is because Shropshire Council (like other English councils) have taken approx 40% cuts in central government funding since 2010 – that is, under the Conservative government. Many librarians have lost their jobs, or had their hours reduced.
However the Labour Party is campaigning to invest in public services like libraries – please have a look at the Labour Manifesto http://www.labour.org.uk/index.php/manifesto2017
commented 2017-06-03 22:58:42 +0100
I find it silly with the opening times of libraries in Ludlow and the surrounding areas.

Many of them have stopped having any evening opening times. This really restricts those of us working during the day from using them. I used to go regularly in the evening to Tenbury library to rent out DVD’s, but since they’ve stopped opening in the evening I’ve not been able to get to the library during opening times which makes it useless for anyone working.

In addition to this a while ago I was in Telford and I was waiting to go ice skating, whilst waiting I decided to go and use the computers in the library there. I was so surprised when the lady in the library told me that it was shutting at 5:30pm.

I thought considering where the library is, within the late night opening area of Telford in Southwater I assumed the library would have been open till 10pm. I couldn’t believe that this library in Telford seems to have been such a waste if money if it only opens at times when people are working. It must have cost them a fortune to make but only open it at times when most people are working

I have been to Worcester hub and find it great that is open until 10pm every night. It’s so much more useful and seems to get a lot of people going to it. I think it’s because the library in Worcester is part owned by the University, but with there being no University within Shropshire we don’t have the same type of Library.

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